Sharing Ruth – Chapter 9

Will she agree? Sunday after our session with Willow I sat Ruth down. I thought we should calm down a little. We had seemed to be delving deeper into weird sex. Ruth asked me a simple question. “Can you tell me honestly that you didn’t enjoy our Gothic adventure or your time with Willow?” I sat there trying to find the words. In the end I had to admit that, yes, I found being tied up and watching her being used and then being used in return by Willow was great. Bugger, I had no argument against. “I thought so” said Ruth triumphantly “I knew you were enjoying the sex play. I knew it as soon as I pushed those beads in your bum that you would like a real cock”. “OK” I said “you got me but please do not set me up with a guy. I enjoyed Willow but that’s all”. Things settled down over the next couple of weeks. We continued with our experimenting with the sex toys and Ruth also enjoyed me pounding her anal hole sometimes. Even the beads got her going. I knew Ruth was trying hard to behave but I also knew she missed the excitement of being a slut. I had to admit that it also turned me on knowing what a slut she could be. It was about this time that we talked about having kids. It was just a thought but she admitted to being keen. Could she change her ways, I wondered. Could she settle for just me with the exclusion of anyone else. She had been talking to Bronwyn and, unbeknownst to me, decided to have one last fling. They conspired together to make this a grand exit. She came home one night and told me that Alf had gone online and said he was organising a poker night and needed four players to join him. I didn’t really take too much notice until she told me that she and Bronwyn would be hostesses. I began to see where this was going. “Am I included?” I asked. “Of course darling” she said “You, Alf and four strangers”. She was smiling broadly. It didn’t take a genius to know what was likely to happen. “OK” I said “count me in”. A couple of days later Ruth came home and said Alf had four guys he had ***********ed. Apparently he had had about 20 replies. Ruth said she needed a hostess outfit and she and Bronwyn would go shopping. I wasn’t allowed to see the outfits until the day. I wondered what sort of outfit they would get. Obviously something slutty for sure. As the day got closer Ruth became more excited. The sex was crazy and I could tell she was wound up. “One last blast” she told me. I had to wonder if she was speaking the truth. I guessed time would tell. Cometh the day and Ruth was on tender hooks. We went shopping but her mind was on the job. We bought a few things, went home and she practically raped me. Not that I complained of course. About 5pm we dressed and headed for Alf and Bronwyn’s house. Ruth was dressed rather conservatively but I know she and Bronwyn had cooked something special. We had dinner with them and then the women headed off to get dressed. It was 8pm and the other players arrived. The women hadn’t come out of the bedroom and I suspected that there was more than dressing going on. Alf welcomed in the other players as they arrived. I hadn’t seen what he put in his ad. Apparently we would all put in $500 and would play poker with the winner of the night getting the pot. They all nodded. Just then Bronwyn and Ruth walked in. “These are our hostesses” he said “they are here to make the night one to remember”. I knew they would go overboard. Both dressed identically. See-through blouse without a bra, a very short shirt over a thong and high stiletto heel shoes. “Hello gentlemen” said Bronwyn “would you like beer or wine before we start”. Serving the drinks they made sure the guys got a good look at their “assets”. Much appreciated by them. We sat down on their dining room table. The card game started and the drinks flowed. Alf was running things and began to make suggestions. He said to one guy “do you want two cards or would you like the hostesses to kiss you?”. Sounded innocent enough and, of course, he took a kiss from both Bronwyn and Ruth. Next hand it was “do you want to take three cards or see our hostesses kiss each other?”. It was just a kiss but a deep French kiss. The party was really starting to get exciting – or maybe it was the alcohol that was causing the chatter. Next hand Alf asked one guy “what would you like?” The looked around, pointed to Bronwyn and said “I want her knickers”. In a flash Bronwyn took off her thong and stuffed them into his mouth much to the amusement of all. Next hand it was Ruth’s thong pulled over a guy’s head. The skirts were so short it was easy to see two shaved pussies. Each time they came to fill a glass they were being groped. I could see Ruth’s eyes blazing. I had seen that look so many times. The card game seemed to be more about the hostesses than the actual poker. Next round and Ruth’s see-through top was requested. Then Bronwyn’s top. Then the skirts and both women were now naked except for shoes. Ruth and Bronwyn were glowing. Apparently they had been drinking too. What followed was pandemonium. The card game now forgotten the guys decided to hell with poker they wanted pussy. Yes, me too. Alf had carefully ***********ed the guys although I think Bronwyn had a hand in the ***********ion. They were grabbing both Bronwyn and Ruth and fondling and groping them. The women, in turn, were groping them. Soon we were all back in the lounge in a scene that looked like a roman orgy. Alf spoke up “ok guys you can fuck the hostesses but don’t unload inside them. Keep it safe”. Everyone saw this as a declaration to fuck and so it started. I zeroed in on Bronwyn but I had to wait my turn as another guy beat me. She was also sucking one another guy. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait long as the guy pulled out and jerked over her tits. I jumped right in as the other guy shot com over her chin. “Hi big boy” she said to me “do your worst” and I pounded her as hard as I could. Meanwhile Ruth was entertaining her group taking Alf and two others, one in each hole. Moans and groans echoed around the room as we all spilled our juices. The women, now covered in goo headed for the shower while the guys dressed again. They didn’t seem to worry about who won, they all had. Alf smiled as they left. He had cleaned up. The women had been gone for some time so Alf and I went looking for them. We found them on the bed engaged in a very noisy 69. “Having fun” asked Alf. Both said “yes but we need another fuck” so Alf and I undress again and we spent the next couple of hours swapping back and forth until neither of us could get erect again. It had been a hell of a night. One to remember. Back home Ruth hugged me. Thank you darling” she said “that was a great way to go out”. I asked if she could settle down and get started on a family. She thought for a moment and then said “I think so. I will try” and I crossed my fingers and toes “I hope so honey”.

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